Welcome to Jan Taylor Studio, my online art gallery. I hope you’ll visit again over time as new pieces are added, I welcome feedback from site visitors, so please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have comments or questions.

Light, color and atmosphere fascinate me and I attempt to paint my impression of how I feel in a particular place at a given time. Nature is so interesting and extraordinary with each element possessing its own beauty or voice and together many natural elements form a chorus waiting to be heard. I hope that melody comes through on the canvas for the viewer to understand and enjoy.

I use both oils and watercolors and work in my studio and on location as I paint still lifes, landscapes, portraits, florals and seascapes. I relish the process and joyfully let my spirit soar on this path.

My painting has been shaped in part by extraordinary teachers. Early in my career, for example, Richard Lahey helped me understand painting as a way of seeing and thinking rather than as a merely mechanical act. Later, William “Skip” Lawrence helped me learn to clarify the intent with which I approached each new painting; he also guided me to paint my emotional response to a subject and not merely the object, person or scene itself. I’m grateful to these teachers and the other gifted mentors who have helped me see both art in general, and my own work, in new ways.

Vermeer, Matisse, Robert Henri, Hans Hoffman, Sergei Bongart, Richard Schmid: the artists who inspire me most are diverse in their subjects, their personalities, their media and their techniques. Yet all of them share a passion for getting to the heart of things, for moving past mere form. As won’t surprise anyone who has seen my work, many of my favorite artists are great colorists as well. From Turner’s shimmering watercolors to the gorgeous hues of contemporary artist Wolf Kahn, these masters invite me to see and use color in new ways. Most recently, I’ve been pushing myself to limit a work’s palette without diminishing its expressive power or range.

Making art is an essential part of the rhythm of my life. Like the natural world I so often depict, it is essentially optimistic, an endless source of learning, energy, renewal, and joy. I thank you for visiting my web site, and hope you’ll share some of that joy as you view my work.

Jan Taylor